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iPhone camera lenses review

My dad bought these lenses for his iPhone and I thought I would borrow them and see what they did. My dad thought he had bought 2 lenses, but with my super beadie eye and close inspection he had actually bought 3 lenses. The 3 lenses he bought are a wide angled lens, a fish eye lens and a macro lens. All for the cheap price of £5 something from Amazon I think. He can't remember where he got them other than "off the Internet"

The lenses come with magnetic silver rings which you stick to your device. I don't think it has to be an iPhone, but I am using it on my iPhone because that's the phone I have. The silver rings stay on your devise when you are not using them, without the rings the lenses do not attach to your iPhone. (I know as I already tested this). The rings don't stick as well as I would like as they are removed when you change the lenses as the magnet is stronger than the sticker. I have figured out if you slide them off rather than pull them off the ring stays on, sort of. 

You can see in the image above that 1 of the rings has a piece cut out of it. The piece cut out is for the iPhone 4 as the flash is very close to the camera where as the flash on the iPhone 5 is a bit further away. The other full circle is for a front camera on a phone or iPad, but not the back camera of an iPad as it is not a fully flat surface. 

Now for the photos that I took with these lenses, because that's what I want to see. 

The macro with this lens you have to get really really really close, I know it's a macro and you are supposed to be close to your subject but you are about 1cm away from the subject and you may even need to be closer. This pea shot isn't in focus, but I like it nonetheless. 

I selected a variety of things so you could see a full range of photos. 

Then onto the wide angled lens which sits together with the macro, you just unscrew it to get to the macro and screw it back in for the wide angled lens to work. 

Then for the fish eye - I took the same image as above so you could see the comparison between the two. 

The garden, taken in the same spot as above. 

Do you have any of these lenses? What do you think of them? 

I found this set of lenses which seem like they would stay on better as apposed to the sticky washers on these lenses I used, but the lenses are great on attached as you can see from the pictures I have taken above. 

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  1. I never knew you could get lenses for the iPhone! Looks very exciting, I'm going to be checking this out more :)

    1. I didn't know until I started looking for Christmas gifts. So cheap as well. Do have a look at them. Xxxx

  2. That looks so cool! I may look at getting some :) x

    1. They are really cool and my washer has stayed on for 2 days now. So it's better than I first thought.


  3. These look amazing! I will definitely be checking them out on Amazon. So useful! x

  4. I ordered some of these the other day, can't wait to try them out

    Hayley -