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A few weeks back on Twitter I saw the #LDNXMASMEET I know that Ellie is an organiser of London Meetups for Bloggers and she had one in the summer, which I missed as I had to work, so my eyes were peeled for this one. Soon as I saw there were spaces available I replied and signed myself up. 

I have been to 1 bloggers event before and that was in the Pent House in Leicester Square, which was organised by Bloggers Love.  At this event I met up with Little Red at Euston Station and we walked to Leicester Square  I think I walked her feet off, oops. That was a fun night filled with cupcakes and a fashion show. You can see that post here

This time the meet up is a sit down meal in a restaurant which I am very much looking forward to as it is for 20 bloggers. The exiciting thing is that you get introduced to new blogs that you have not heard of before and they could turn into your daily reads. 

The last event I went to some of the bloggers had business cards with their blogs on and then others just wrote a list on their iphone of each others blogs. I'm the iPhone person as I feel a little silly with business cards for my blog as it's just a hobby, not my business. 

I have not decided on what I am going to wear to this event on Saturday, but hopefully when I start going through my wardrobe this evening I will find something suitable. 

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