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My Boots Advent Calendar

First of all I would like to say that this advent calendar is amazing! It offers variety and surprise. Much better than a chocolate advent calendar as you know you are going to get a piece of chocolate every day. Whereas, with this advent calendar I know I am getting a beauty item, but I don't know which one (unless I go onto Instagram before I open the door).

I know I am only on day 4 but I am pretty impressed with the items that are behind those little red doors. Although I felt like day 4 was a bit of a let down with a perfume sample that took a good 10 minutes to prize out. In the end I had to get a flat head screw driver out and force it out. By the time I had done that most of the sample had been squirted onto the plastic tray. 

Lets start with Day 1 - I think we got off on a good foot here with the Soap and Glory shower gel. This is a perfect travel size bottle that I can be taken for weekends away or a stay over at a friends house. I also like the scent too not to over powering. 

Day 2 - Balmi. Oh how excited I was to see this. I have longed to try an EOS lip balm Balmi.

 I even sent my Dad shopping in America, when he visited there last, to get me some EOS lip balm. He also bought a heap of other goodies too, a post will follow when I am united with them. So sit tight!

Day 3 - Red nail polish from a brand I have never heard of, but nonetheless I am impressed with it as it hasn't chipped after 2 days of wearing it and it dried almost instantly. 

Day 4 - a bit of a wet lettuce. I was not expecting to see any samples in this advent calendar and I think that Boots have let themselves down by placing this in there. Maybe a small bottle of Nina perfume would have been better than a little sample. I think I like the smell of this perfume, but I am undecided on it for now. Maybe a few more sprays of it and I might love it or hate it. 

Day 5...that's for tomorrow. So we will have to wait and see. I think I shall do a weekly round up of my wonderful gifts I received. This is the first one so it's a half week round up. I was just so excited to share with you my pictures and thoughts. Although every mother and her son has posted pictures on Instagram of what they got in their advent calendar. 

I was please to see that on day 2 the EOS Balmi lip balm wasn't the same in everyone's advent calendar, the flavours varied. 

Do you have an advent calendar? Which one do you have? 

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  1. This is such a great idea!! x

    1. Thank's Lovely. I have had such fun opening it. Better than getting chocolate every day for 24 days. xxx