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First of all I am sooo pleased with my Secret Santa gift. It is so thoughtful and personal. I received my box 2 weeks before Christmas. I unfortunately missed the postman delivering this to my door so I had to wait a few days before I could go pick up the parcel from the delivery office. I skipped all the way home from the delivery office wondering who had sent me this box.

It had the senders name on it, but I didn't realise exactly who my Secret Santa was. Then Gemma revealed herself on Twitter, we've been chatting quite a bit before we signed up to the Secret Santa. She's so lovely and chatty. She apologised for not sending a card, but I was more than happy with this big red box.

Gemma has a lovely blog called Gemma Louise it's so fresh and clean looking as well as featuring heaps of wonderful content. We met after I bombarded her with my blog link on the #bbloggers chat on Twitter and started chatting. 

 When I picked it up I gave it a little shake, do not do this if you do not know what is in the box. My dad gave it a shake when I brought it back to Wales for Christmas as he was a as curious as I was to find out what was inside. 

So for 2 weeks this big red box sat in my hall way and then made the journey with me from London, to work and then back home to Wales. It's a well travelled box. It's going to come back with me to London as well. 

It was so hard not to open this box until Christmas Day, but I did it. Apparently I was one of a few or the only blogger who didn't open it straight away and actually open it on Christmas Day and boy was it worth the wait! 

I helped my parents cook Christmas dinner and then opened all my gifts from them. I saved it as the very last gift on Christmas Day. My parents crowded around as I opened up the box...inside this red box was another box! Beautifully wrapped in Christmas paper. 

Then inside was my wonderfully thought out personal gifts. Gemma had really thought about what she was buying me and what I liked. I really hope that who ever had her as a Secret Santa spoilt her as much as she spoilt me. Let's begin 

The gifts were just loose in the box so I didn't know where to look first. I looked at everything quickly and then properly after all the excitement. 

This candle scented the whole box so it smelt amazing. Very Christmasy. 

Now I have been wanting to buy this hand sanitizer for ages, but every time I go to Boots they hide it or it's sold out. So pleased this I in the box as it smells delightful. Then the hand food is my favourite hand cream. Since last Christmas I have been through a large bottle and a small one, now I'm back on a big bottle and have this little one for my handbag, which is actually a rucksack because I hate handbags getting in my way. 

Then this little suprize was wrapped in newspaper. This is why you should not shake a box, when you don't know what's inside. This beautiful bauble was inside. Then to add the cherry on top of the cake Gemma had my name printed on it too with a message on the back. 

It's a lovely thoughtful gift. The black specks are from the newspaper print, but these wiped off and it looks beautiful and shiney. It's quite heavy too as it's made from glass. 

Then after opening this it got even better with a Lush Bubblegum lip scrub. I have been wanting to try this for a while now and may have put a few tweets and Instagrames out about this, but I couldn't justify spending the £6 on some pink caster sugar. However, I have it and can test it out. It smells delicious. 

Then some benefit mascara, which I am excited about using as I have not used any of their mascara, only when I had my make over in Boots. I was really pleased with the results from that so I will be trying this with my new Havana blush my mum bought me for Christmas. 

This box keeps on giving! I have never heard of this brand, but this doesn't deter me as it sounds amazing. 

And as I love photography and spend most of my time on Instagram or looking throught the lens of my camera this is a perfect gift. My parents really liked this necklace as they know how much I love to take pictures. 

Then some lovely cream coloured nail polish, which looks great and summery. So I can't wait to wear this because I hate the winter. 

So all in all here is my Secret Santa gift, which may I say again is very personal and thoughtful. Gemma was worried that I wouldn't like it. Well from my excitement on Twitter and opening it with my parents I do like it. I'm so glad Gemma had me as someone else would have had this wonderful box ;) 

Did you participate I'm a Secret Santa? What did you get?  

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  1. You got lots of lovely gifts :) The bauble is so cute

    Hayley -


    1. I love the bauble. It's so personal. Xxx