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Secret Santa Gifts

Are you involved in a Secret Santa? It's only 3 weeks away from Christmas and the Secret Santa selections are being made already. I have become involved in a blogger Secret Santa set up by Jess from Dungarees and Donuts I have bought, wrapped and posted my gifts to my secret Santa choice.  

This is the first time I have done anything like this and wanted to share with you my experience of the whole thing. 

Firstly, to sign up via twitter was exciting as I had already been told that the original secret Santa I wanted to become involved with was full and I wasn't able to join, but I was pointed in Jess's direction and I was quickly signed up. I had to send a quick email to Jess saying my budget, things I like and things I don't like. Once enough bloggers had signed up, this like the previous one, it was closed.  Jess worked out our matches' depending on what prices we wanted to spend and we were sent an email with our matches. 

Unfortunately my first match dropped out a day later and I was quickly sent another match. Then I was free to buy the secret Santa gifts. I bought lots of different gifts, wrapped them and wrote a letter to my secret Santa blogger. After doing the wrapping and taking myself to the post office to post the packet. I then started to think that the person I am buying for is not going to be happy with what I have bought. What if they don't like it or already have some of the items I sent. 

I didn't find it difficult buying the gifts for the amount of money I said I would spend. Jess kept sending regular emails about the secret Santa swap to see if we were still participating and how we were getting on, which was really encouraging. 

Are you involved in a secret Santa? How have you got on?

This post is lacking photos and I really hate that but I only took photos of the gifts before they were wrapped not after. I don't want people who are participating in the secret Santa to see what I have bought as it will spoil the surprise. 

Also secret Santa is a great way to discover new blogs and start new friendships. 

What are your thoughts on secret Santa? Many people in work are against it as they don't want to spend money on their colleagues, but I think it's a bit of fun. However, only fun if you are able to fund the secret Santa gift or gifts. 

I stupidly did not take any pictures of the wrapped gifts. I did take pictures of them before I wrapped them DUH!

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