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Winning a Prize

A few weeks back, maybe even a month or two, I entered a competition on Confetti Letters blog to win a £10 gift voucher for Topshop and £10 for Boots. I don't usually enter that many blog give a ways or competitions, but I entered this one as Louise's little blog is a delight. The give away was in celebration of her blogs 2nd birthday.

It took a few minutes to enter through rafflecopter and I received a tweet from Louise saying I had won. 

This was a nice surprise to read this after a shift in work. As I had not won a blog prize before I wasn't entirely sure what I was supposed to do. I tweeted Louise back and now my prize has arrived and I can share it with you all.

Louise is so lovely as she felt bad for not sending the vouchers sooner, she sent a few extra things in the parcel too. When I received this gift I thought I had accidentally got myself another secret santa from someone else, as I had not ordered anything from eBay (that's usually where my parcels come from). Then I remembered whilst I was at lunch with my friend today.

I didn't open it straight away as I am saving opening my blogger secret santa gift to open on Christmas day, but now I know what it is from I am going to open it up as soon as I get home, which is what I did. I saw it as an extra birthday present. 

I was so pleased and shocked at the same time as to what this prize contained. Louise went all out with this. 

 Here are the vouchers I won 

And this is the surprise that was meant to come with the gift vouchers. Which is great as I have snake skin on my face in all this cold weather and these products will sort that out. 

Then the following gifts were extras as Louise was sorry for sending the prize so late, but I really didn't mind waiting. 

It was worth the wait as these 2 Body Butters smell delightful. 

I then received these fabulous goodies. I think the Caudalie is perfume as I have never heard or seen this before. But it smells delightful. 
Also got some benefit goodies, Yay! Ivory foundation and eye cream. Cannot wait to use these. 

And some sweets to eat whilst reading my lovely letter in my Christmas card from Louise. 

You should go check out Louise's blog. It's so pretty and she writes some wonderful posts on make up and baking. She's also on Instagram

Have you ever entered a blog competition and won? 

This is my first time of winning something blog related and it was a wonderful prize to receive. 

Louise said the other gifts were in her stocking stash for her friends. These gifts are amazing and her friends should be proud to have Louise as a friend as she's so thoughtful and considerate. 

Go check out Louise's blog here

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