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100 day Spending Ban

I have seen a few posts floating around on blogs about the 100 day spending ban starting on January 1st 2014 and ending on April 1st 2014. That seems a long way away. I have never participated in a spending ban because I feel like if I did participate I would be more inclined to spend rather than save. I see it as a motivation to go the shops not stay away from them, which is why I won't be participating. 

However, I do have a receipt book where I keep all my in going and out goings for every month so I can see what I have spent and saved. I feel like this is more useful to me than a spending ban. Although I do get some strange looks when I ask for a receipt for food I have purchased from a food stall at a market. I usually end up with a bit of paper. I have done this every year since 2010. 

Each January I look forward to setting up my excel spreadsheet and choosing my stationary to house my receipts/spreadsheet for the year.

This year I have chosen a plain purple folder with plastic wallets. 

Do you have any systems that you use to find out where you spend your money? Some people may say that they can see what they spend on their bank account, but I say to them what about your cash? Some people may think this is really dorky, but I enjoy it and I am happy doing this. Although at the end of the year it's frightening to see how much money you have spent over the year. 

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