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YES PLEASE! Before Christmas I saw on Instagram a few of the people I follow had received packages from #AccessAllAsos and being the nosy inquisitive blogger that I am I did some research and a few minutes later I had submitted my application to #AccessAllAsos. I then got on with Christmas and New Year. Then 3 days ago I had an email saying congratulations you are now part of #AccessAllAsos. This is where I let out a little EEEP with excitement and queue me waiting by the door like a dog for the post to arrive, as Asos had said they had sent me something in the post. 

So having waited for this parcel and waited, it was only 2 days, but I felt like forever. When the postman finally came a knocking with my parcel I missed him as I was taking a nap. So I have been left with the little red card for the weekend and another 2 days of waiting to get my hands on my package. First thing monday morning I will be bouncing down to the post office to get my parcel. 

So today is monday and I wrote half of this post on Sunday afternoon, so when I opened my package I could just take some pictures and then add them to the bottom of this post. 

I can say that being part of #AccessAllAsos is like being part of an exclusive club. 

So I hop skipped and jumped down to the post office today and picked up my parcel. The post office is right next to the train station so I opened my box on the train. I was too excited to wait to get home and put it in my photo studio to photograph. 

My lovely ASOS gift was wrapped up in black tissue paper, so the surprise is lasting a little longer. 

BOOM! my parcel - I received a lovely hand written note from Penny, a fortune cookie, some yellow florescent gloves and a black beanie. 

I then had to get off the train and packed the gloves away in my bag till I got home. I tried them on when I got home and they had a really big hole in them. 

My gloves and hat I received from Asos in my box. 

Did you sign up to #AccessAllAsos? What did you get in your black box?

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