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Cambridge satchel shop

Last week I took a walk to Covent Garden and discovered the Cambridge Satchel Company Store. I knew it was in Covent Garden, but everytime I have been there I one always get lost and two I have no idea where I found the shop. I checked their website and it is by seven dials. I am sure I can find it again if I needed too. 

Whilst there I thought I might as well have a look around the store and look at the lovely satchels. Whilst in there I discovered this neon light displaying Bloggers Lounge. I want to know what this is as it looks pretty jazzy. 

The staircase to the Blogger Lounge, which can only be accessed by bloggers. 

Whilst in the store I really liked their large mirror that you can stand in front of swinging side to side testing out your Cambridge satchel. 

The bags are well designed and look amazing. I don't have a picture of my favourite one, as I wasn't sure I was allowed to be taking pictures in there. I really like the white one with the initials on. I think it's really cool that Cambridge Satchel allow you to have your initials printed on the bags. I also love that the satchels actually buckle up and not just close with a press stud. 

Have you been to the Cambridge Satchel Store in Seven Dials? Do you own a Cambridge Satchel? What are they like and are they worth spending all that money on a bag? 

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  1. Wow, they have so many different cool looks, I'd love to go and have a look around - I'd love to get a really classic dark tan color that just gets better as it ages :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. That sounds lovely, much better than the white that I had in mind, but I think I am still swaying towards the white more.