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Fixation fixed my camera!

A few weeks ago I stupidly dropped my DSLR when taking some OOTD shots at my parents house and I had my camera balanced on a flimsy tripod. I think that was my downfall. The camera fell with the tripod from a significant height hitting the floor and snapping my pop up flash into 3 pieces and still being attached. I had the camera on a custom timer so when I picked it up the flash went off in my face. Here is one of the shots of me realising I had just broken my camera. 

I then sat on my parents bed in panic realising that I had just broken my expensive camera. I then took my camera downstairs to show my dad to see if he could do anything. I then managed to set the flash off in the lid and get smoke out of it. This is when I though I should stop fiddling around with it and look for someone to repair my camera. 

I did a quick google search looking for camera repair people in Wales, as I was visiting my parents at the time, but nothing came up. I then looked on the Canon website for approved Canon repair services. I nervously scrolled down the list of places and BINGO! A place in Vauxhaul that is an approved Canon repair service. 

I sent a quick email to Fixation saying what had happened to my camera and asked if it could be repaired. As Fixation closes on the weekend I didn't get a reply till Monday morning. Carlos the technician replied and gave me an estimate. 

I found out where Fixation was located in Vauxhaul and took myself and my precious camera down there. Fixation is about a 5 minute walk from Vauxhaul train station/underground station and is located on Kennington Lane. The building isn't very well sign posted and the only way you know you are in the correct place is the small sign on their front door. I was a bit anxious at first, because I wasn't sure what to expect and whether they would actually be able to fix my camera. 

I walked up to the front door and was buzzed in by reception and was told to go into a room, it looked like a show room and the parts repair service was located to the right of the room. As soon as I walked into this room I knew that this was the place I needed to be to get my beloved camera fixed. The bloke behind the counter took my name and asked a few questions. Then filled out a form to say what was wrong with my camera and what I supplied with it when I handed it over. I wasn't sure if I should have left my lens on and the bloke said no and handed it back to me. The only thing I didn't like about this was that he placed the lens down on the counter with the connection end touching when I had a lens cap on the other end protecting the lens. 

I took a quick snap of my serial number so I knew that when I got my camera back it was mine and not someone else's the bloke behind the counter was happy for me to do this even though he had filled it out on the form he was about to give me. I bombarded him with a few questions and everyone he answered and explained the process Fixation use. 

When you hand over your camera to them they send it to their techinical team, who are based somewhere in the building to access and to email you a quote back with how much the repair will cost, what needs doing and how long it will take. They tell you to keep an eye out for this email as they will  to start work without you agreeing to the price. This all the work that needed to be done on my camera.

I took my camera in on Wednesday and Fixation had replied before lunch time on Thursday, but I didn't reply till late Thursday evening. On Friday they said work had begun on my camera and it would be fixed, providng they had the parts, within 3 working days. On Monday morning I received a call to say my camera was fixed and ready for collection! Speedy service or what?! 

I wasn't able to pick my camera up till Wednesday, but when I arrived waving my form the man behind the counter brought my camera out and explained what had been fixed on it and encouraged me to give my new flash a go. I had a whole new front put on and new flash added. They also re adjusted the focus, gave it a service and some other things. 

Unfortunately I didn't take a memory card with me so my image of all the tripods in the room where their repair service is didn't get saved. My new flash works great just like the original, I think I have some noise now when I hold the button down to take a snap when using the flash, but maybe that noise was there before and I didn't recognise it. 

I would recommend using Fixation as a camera repair service as they are professional, speedy and friendly. The don't just repair Canon cameras, I think they also repair Nikon ones too. You can just pop in with your camera or you can send it in the post to them and they will let you know what's wrong and how much it will cost. The good thing about Fixation is that you can ask them to look at your camera to assess what needs to be repaired and if you don't want them to repair your camera they will give you back your camera free of charge. 

My newly fixed camera with a brand new flash and front. 

Whilst looking at Fixation as a place for my camera to be fixed I did pop into Jessops on Oxford Street to enquire about having my camera fixed and the man who I spoke to made me feel like an idiot. I explained I had dropped my camera and he kindly pointed out that you should not drop them, well duh! I know that but it was an accident. I didn't event get into the shop as the man I spoke to was on the door. He said there is no one to look at my camera in store and I would have to pay £25 to send it off for an estimate and £5 would be taken off my final bill if I decided to let them repair my camera. This process, according to the man working the door, would take up to 28 days. I wanted my camera fixed there and then not 28 days later. 

I would really recommend using fixation as a camera repair service as they are professional, speedy and approved by Canon. I hope not to use them ever again as this would mean I broke my camera but if I did they would be the first place I would go. 

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