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Horse riding!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go horse riding again with my friend from work. 

This is Ernie the horse I have ridden every time I have been horse riding there. I have been 3 times in total. 

He's an old gentle horse who needs a good kick to get him going. He's also a bit nervous around the big horses but if you keep him a good distance away from him he's fine. 

Me taking a selfie with the horse behind me - wonky eye.  

This horse making friends with me. Looking at the camera and a horse nudging me is a little scary as I didn't really know what it was doing. 

The stables also have geese. Everytime I go there seems to be more and more.

Some of the horses at the stables. 

This time horse riding we were in the indoor school. The past 2 times I have ridden in the outdoor school. The outdoor school is twice the size of the indoor one. I am really scared about falling off the horse, during the lesson today my friend was cantering around and a large horse kicked out at her horse as she rode round. That was scary as it kicked through her horses legs. 

The instructor is really good as he has different levels of riders in the same class and the class lasts an hour, I think. I have attempted the rising trott, but I haven't got the co ordination of rising and kicking whilst going around. Maybe on the next lesson. However, today I learnt that when the horse stops to go to the toilet you have to stand up in the strups. 

Do you go horse riding? 

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