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Horse riding

I went horse riding yesterday, with my friend. I went last week with her and I got to ride Ernie 

 As I only booked this weeks lesson last Saturday Ernie wasn't available, but Romani was. Romani is 16 hands high, in non horse talk he's massive! I had to get the steps to get on him as I wasn't going to be able to reach the stirrups without them. Even with the step to the stirrups I had to stand on my tip toes to put my foot in. Once my foot was in I had to swing my other leg over and sit up.  At this point I wanted to take a picture of me sat on the horse because I was outside, better lighting and all, but Romani wanted to get into the school to start the lesson so he began to walk there. I wasn't quite prepared for this. 

Sitting on him was much higher up than on Ernie and he kept pulling his head down to the floor. He also wandered off and got himself some hay. It's fair to say that the first 5 minutes of being on him he was in charge. Infact all of the lesson he was in charge, but I had a leader that told him where to go.

A parent of one of the other riders got me and Romani out of the hay bail for him to do my lap of the school and come back again. Then my friend tried to get me and Romani away from the hay. This horse liked the hay. 

At first I wasn't so sure about riding Romani as he's so high up and a long way to fall down if I fell off. I was shaking for the first 5 minutes and remained nervous for another 30 minutes of the lesson as I wasn't too sure what he was going to do, but everyone kept saying he's a gentle giant, which he is. Then I started to concentrate on the lesson and forgot my nerves. He's a little clumsy as he tripped over his feet a few times, but that was because they are so big. Look at the size of him compared to all the other horses.

I can now manage to walk around with the horse, stop it and do rising trott (sometimes) but I am not so good at sitting down trotting or kicking the horse when you are trotting as it involves multi tasking, but I hope to get there. 

I am glad I went on Romani as I want to be able to ride a horse and he moved a bit more than Ernie does. I just need to get over my fear of heights whilst on him.

Have you ever been horse riding? 

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  1. Wow. Your first 16 hands horse! I remember when I was on my first big horse and it was exhilarating! I find that the bigger the horse, the smoother the stride and the easier you're able to relax. But on the downside, they're definitely stronger, hence the hay :P But be firm, be calm, and be in control, and you should be fine! I love reading your horse riding posts, it takes me back to when I was riding myself x

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin | youtube

    1. I can tell you that it wasn't exhilarating. I was a bag of nerves up there as I wasn't sure what the horse was going to do next. The horse I was on kept tripping over its large feet, so not too smooth. Maybe next time I go I will get the hang of him. I just want my old man horse back because he doesn't do much.