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Meeting Blog Beth and visiting Lush

Whilst I was at home a few weeks back I took a trip to Chester and met up with Blog Beth. 

I was super excited to finally meet her having been featured in the seven owners post organised by Daphne and Megan. Beth is a lot taller than I imagined, but I may just be short and she's actually average height. Beth is really chatty and her personality is reflected in her blog posts. She's lovely although a bad influence when it comes to shopping. I don't think she left anything behind in Chester. We went to Primark first where Beth was like a whirl wind picking up things. I went in looking for Mary Jane Shoes and came out empty handed. 

After Primark we visited a few more shops including Lush! We met outside Lush and whilst I was waiting I took a sneaky look inside and was delighted to see that their Christmas items were half price. Que me and Beth picking up the wicker baskets and loading them up with the Lush bags. 

Beth wore a kimono over her jeans and top, which showed under her coat. The kimono was black and gold with black tassels which was what showed under her coat. It looked really cool and made me want to own one. You can see her feet and the tassels in the picture above. 

Lots of half price items to bag up. 

Whilst we were in the shop there were two teenage boys putting lots of bath bombs into this bowl. I felt really sorry for the girl in the shop trying to control them as they were just being a pain really. They nearly poored this over Beth. Then one of them produced a Burger King and started eating it. Shortly after this they disappeared so I think they were asked to leave the shop. 

This was the contents of my bag 

I shall write a post on what's in these bags/box soon as I am waiting for something to come in the post. 

Unfortunately we didn't take a picture together as we were too busy shopping. Maybe we will get one when we meet up again 😊

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  1. I didn't realise you had written this blog post! I'm gutted we didn't get any photos together. We definitely will next time we meet up.
    I loved this day!

    Beth xxxx

    1. I wrote it on the train back to London. I have written most of january's posts on that journey, in between taking a nap. I'll let you know when I am back again xxx