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Meeting Daphne from Sub Genre of a Dream

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to go hang out with Daphne from Sub Genre of a Dream in Yummcha on Berwick Street. We arranged to meet for 11am and go for some tea. Daphne has recently changed her blog name and it was previously called Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life or PBCL for short, but heck is it a mouth full to say!

We chatted for 2 hours non stop like old friends. Daphne had some problems getting to yumchaa thanks to the bus, but arrived! 

I arrived and ordered. I have never been to yumchaa before and didn't really know how it worked. I looked at the lists of teas which were separated into strong, medium and no caffeine. I ordered a no caffeine tea. I ordered an iced tea, but the waiter said they had no ice so I couldn't have an iced tea. Plus he said it was too cold for that. I quite like iced tea in the winter thanks. I was happy with my hot tea though. 

He made my tea and then called my order from the counter and I went up to collect it. I noticed that the spout of my tea pot was chipped so I asked if I could have another one and the waiter was happy to make me another tea in a non chipped spout tea pot. 
It's really fancy tea as it was loose leaf and you poored it through a strainer. 

My tea was a lovely deep orange colour and tasted of berries. 

All the many tea pots and cups ready for the lunch time rush. When we got there there were a few people in Yumchaa, but when we left all the tables were full. 

I love the seating and tables in there. None of them match and they are all vintage looking. 

Daphne ordering her lemon sherbet tea. It smelt exactly like this. 

When you place your order there are little milk jugs full of loose leaf tea on the counter. I think this is for the customer to pick up and the waiter adds it to the tea pot or maybe they are there for people to smell before they order. 

The cakes in there looked amazing, I was going to order one when Daphne got there but we were too busy chatting and I forgot to order my cake. 

More of the vintage furniture in Yumchaa. 

It's definitely a place where bloggers go to hang out as the people on the table next to me were talking about blogs and how to advertise, but they moved downstairs because there was free wifi. 

What do you think of these London posts? Should I do more of them? 

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  1. It was so lovely to meet and get to chat with you! Sorry for the bus delay, I'm glad that you took all these lovely photos! Especially love the one with the cakes! You should definitely try their brownies next time! x

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin | youtube

  2. The fact that you got to meet Daph...JEALOUS!
    Hah, I know what you mean about having cold beverages in winter--I used to drink Starbucks frapp's in winter when everyone else enjoyed Spiced lattes and such.
    It's so interesting to see blogging culture so heavily embedded in the UK. Makes it really easy to meet up with fellow bloggers, eh?

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things