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My Revlon Nail Polishes

I bought all of these Revlon nail polishes from Poundland over the summer. I have really enjoyed going to Poundland this summer and discovering their beauty products. 

I missed out the silver glittery one in the above photos by mistake. 

I love all the colours I managed to pick up. If I were to have bought all of these from Boots or Superdrug it would have cost me over £50. I only spent £9, bargain if you ask me and I love a good bargain.  

Have you bought any beauty items from Poundland? Please leave me your links in the comments below. 

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  1. didn't know they had such lovely shades! definitely knowing where to pop by tomorrow

    1. Did you manage to find any nice colours? I had to rummage on a few prongs till I found the colours I wanted, but I am pleased with my haul.