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My work secret Santa

Last year people didn't want to participate in secret Santa, but this year with the right people secret Santa was set up for my department. Names were thrown into a pot and picked out. 

I had my friend Blanca and she was easy to buy for. I bought her a diary, a pen, vodka and cheese puffs, because she loves them. I received a little bit of help from my other friend in work who asked her what she would like from secret Santa. 

Unfortunately on the day the gifts were exchanged in my department I was sick. I did come in the next day and picked up my gift, which was a bit of a mixed bag. However, I like each item individually but I don't think they go together. 

I received a bottle of ketchup, a pineapple and some really nice smelling moisturisers. 

These moisturisers smell amazing and are really cooling on the skin. They don't take too long to soak in either. My favorite is the coconut and Shea butter as I like the smell of this one the most. They are all a pale colour and have a thick texture and are a great gift. 

Have you tried these body butters? I don't know which shop they came from as they were my secret Santa gift. 

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