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New Primark shoes

Yesterday after work I popped into Primark and skipped out with these 2 pairs of shoes. I went in looking for my Mary Jane shoes as I had seen a post on someone's Instagram of the black ones. I asked if there were any other colours and was told they came in the beige, which is what I purchased and red, which is what I really wanted but the Tottenham Court Road Primark didn't have any. 

I am ready for the summer with my jelly shoes. I really like jelly shoes, but didn't like the heeled ones that were for sale this summer in Urban Outfitters. These are great as they fit my wide feet and I just love the colour. 

I have been wanting a pair of Mary Jane shoes for as long as I can remember and I have now finally found some. I really want a pair of red ones. I have some really high wedged Mary Jane shoes, but they aren't that comfortable to be walking around in all day. These are perfect for the summer and I can walk around in them all summer.

Have you bought any new shoes recently? 

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  1. Haha I remember wearing these jelly shoes when I was much younger and I didn't think they were too fashionable back then. But now I totally like them!

    1. I loved them as a child and love them now. I love any red shoes.


  2. Lovely shoes! Why couldn't I find these beauties in my local Primark :( x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says