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New Years resolutions how are you getting on with them?

Did you set yourself any New Years resolutions for 2014? I have made the same resolution that I have made for the past 4 years and I fail at it everytime - to always bring lunch to work and not go out and buy things. I do go out a lot with my friends from work for lunch so this kind of lunch is ok, even though it is breaking my New Years resolution. 

Some people make resolutions to be fit and healthier - again I am rubbish at this one as I don't move from the sofa unless I have too. Others make resolutions to spend less and again I am rubbish at this and see it as a challenge to go out and spend when I am not supposed too. 

One that I intend to stick to is take more photos although I have slightly broken my camera, but I am hoping to get this fixed soon. 

So we are 19 days into the year and I am taking a photo a day but I am failing to upload it to Instagram. I hope to improve this for February. 

What New Years resolutions have you set yourself?

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