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Photo studio with lights

My dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I wanted a camera lens for my canon 550D, but my boyfriend had bought me one for my birthday. So I was all out of ideas as to what I wanted for Christmas, but I had seen on Hayley Sparkles Instagram that she had received a photo studio from Santa. I had seen these before and wanted one to improve my blog photos. So I asked my dad if I could have this.

There were quite a few versions on Amazon, that's where I bought mine from, and it was hard to choose which one as the right one to purchase. In the end I chose the one with the most reviews and looked at the original price as it was half price. It was really exciting choosing this as I was dreaming up all the products that I could photograph in it. The downside about ordering something from the Internet is that you have to wait for it to be delivered and it feels like forever!  

However, the photo studio arrived at my parents house and I went home this weekend to pick it up along with a few Christmas presents I couldn't carry home the first time I came back to London because my bag was too heavy. 

It is beautiful. It comes in it's own carry case with 4 different coloured interchangeable backgrounds with 2 spot lights. 

These are the sheets that come with the studio.

I plugged up the lights and after using them for less than 5 minutes one of the bulbs blew, which was really annoying as I was gearing up to take a lot of photos in my new studio. However my dad found some spare halogen bulbs, the only downside about using halogen bulbs is that they get hot really quickly and the bulbs blow. My dad did find me 1 LED bulb but the colour of the lamp was different from the original. I am wanting to get another LED soon. 

Then the cat decided that she'd make it her seat, but wouldn't turn around for a picture. 

Here are the images I have taken inside my new photo studio. Can you tell the difference. I wanted this because I didn't like my photos with all the rubbish in the background when I just wanted to photograph the item rather than everything else. 

The only downside of the interchangeable sheets is that they are folded and you can see the folds in the images. You can not iron the sheets as they are a material that can not be ironed. I am wondering if I leave the sheets out whether the folds will drop out. 

The photo studio folds up into its own carry case with pockets for the lamps and tripod. It also has a handle so it can be easily carried around. The only downside is there isn't a strap to go over your shoulder to make carrying easier. 

Other than the sheets having a few folds and a bulb blowing in the first 5 minutes I am really happy with this purchase. I am thinking about getting a really pretty patterned piece of material and attaching Velcro to the back of it to attach in my new photo studio. 

Have you got a studio like this or are thinking about getting one? I was plesantly suprized to find how big this studio actually is, the page I bought it from didn't say the dimensions and I looked up a few others and they ranged between 40cms and 50cms. 

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  1. oh wow i didn't realise you could get things like this off amazon and for a pretty low price!i think i will definitely investigate and hopefully invest in something like this..maybe even just a lamp as the light in scotland is rubbish during the winter. Its so difficult to take good photos and id love to start filming youtube vids too!im now following your blog girlie:)xx

    1. I didn't either, until I saw hayley sparkles instagram on christmas day. That's when I started scouring the internet to find one of my very own. Its really cool and very light to carry. I am also following you on blog lovin now :) xxx