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Rimmel lip products review

As mentioned previously, I won a prize on Instagram from Rimmel, via the Superdrug Instagram page. That post can be found here. In the prize I won from Rimmel I received 2 lip lacquers in 2 beautiful shades 304 Eclipse (back) and 402 Across the Universe (front)

Then I recieved 660 In Love with Ginger. When I visited my parents house I found 062 Desirable in a box. I have never used this so I am excited to try both colours. 

Information on the packets. 

The lip lacquers are at the top, then In Love with Ginger, Desirable. I swatched them on my hand 

Then applied to my lips I began with In Love With Ginger first as I wanted to see what that colour looked like with my pale skin. I was pleasantly suprized to find that it is a hit! It goes really well and doesn't look like a clown has applied my lipstick. 

With flash 

Without flash 

I love how glossy it is although the pictures aren't as sharp as I would like because I took them with my iPhone in a mirror. 

Next up is desirable. This picture is not showing how truly beautiful this shade is. It is a dark berry colour and has a shimmer to it. There are specles of glitter running throughout the lipstick. 

Next up is 402 Across the Universe the Rimmel lip Lacquer, it certainly has staying power and looks glossy and bright. I love the colour of this, but I need to learn how to apply it without getting it all over the place.  

Then 304 Eclipse a much more of a magenta colour and again, I seemed to have applied it everywhere, but my lips. This one looks like it has glitter in it, but I think the glitter is from testing out desirable before hand. I really love how thick these lip lacquers are. Although I did find them a little messy as it got it all over my teeth and on my tongue. Not sure how that happened though. 

Which one is your favourite? Will you be going out to buy any of these? 

Thank you to Rimmel for sending me such a lovely prize. 

I really want to wear lip stick in 2014, but I don't really know how to apply it. I feel like a child testing out my mum's make up and getting it all over my face. Anyone have any or know of any good lip stick application techniques?

* I won a prize on Instagram that Rimmel kindly sent me to enjoy, but I threw in a review as well. 

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  1. I like the colours....really bright! will check out Boots tomorrow. x

    1. I have never really worn lipstick until now. Can't say I like the taste of it though.


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you lovely. :) I am glad you like it.