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Rimmel space dust nail polish review

After entering the competition for the Rimmel make up items and winning I was really excited to try the Rimmel space dust nail polish. I have finally got around to trying them. Rimmel kindly gave me 

1. 006 Moon Walking (purple)
2. 005 Total Eclipse (black) 
3. 007 Shooting Star (Silver)

I love the colours and the glitter amount that you get after one application 

007 Shooting Star is my favourite and as their name says - Space Dust - it looks like dust. I really like the texture of this and I didn't think I would. 

This is 005 Total Eclipse - I was excited to use this one as it looks green in the bottle, but when applied it is black. I really don't like black nail polish so I was quite disappointed with this and when applying one of the hairs from the brush came off and was applied to my nail too. 

This is 006 Moon Walking another favourite. I love the colour of this and the amount of glitter that is applied. 

This nail polish doesn't take very long to dry at all. I am really inpatient waiting for nail polish to dry and these dry in enough time before my attention span starts to wander. 

I am really impressed that you only need one coat and only have to apply 2 strokes to the nail and it is covered as the brush is thick. 

I really recommend going out and buying these as they have great colour pigment and they texture awesome too. 

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