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So I dropped my DSLR...

On Saturday morning I dropped my camera while I was taking some OOTD pictures for my 365 OOTD. 4 days in and I never want to take an OOTD AGAIN! My DSLR was too heavy for the tripod I was using, my own fault really. I managed to take 10 pictures with my camera and then didn't have it balanced correctly and it toppled over :( smashing my built in flash.

Now my flash is hanging off, but it still flashes. I set the flash off, by accident, whilst still in the cradle where it sits and then smoke came out. I'm so annoyed I dropped it. I have managed to put the built in flash down but it flops up now and again. 

My boyfriend bought me this camera when we were on holiday in Fuertaventura, in 2012 after having drowned my point and click camera in the sea whilst we were taking pictures of the fish.

I've only had this camera a year and 8 months. He just bought me a prime lens for my birthday to use with it, but luckily this wasn't attached when I was taking my pictures. So I know that is not damaged.From what I can see I have only damaged the built in flash as I can still take non flash pictures and videos, but I'm not sure if it focuses properly and I don't know if I should be using it whilst it's damaged. 

I hope that I can get this fixed as I really love this camera and taking picture. I shall be going to Jessops on Oxford Street on Monday to see if this can be fixed. Hope this can be *fingers and toes crossed* 
Have you ever damaged your DSLR? How much did it cost to repair it? 

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  1. Oh noes! I hope you can get it fixed! Smoke coming out of it doesn't sound healthy! Thanks for sending me your link the other night via the blogger chat - am now following you on both GFC and bloglov'in x x

    1. Thanks lovely I will check out your blog too. Xx