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For Christmas I made and ordered 3 personalised calendars, one for my mum, one for my brother and one for my boyfriend's mum. 

The calendars I made for my mum and brother were pictures of their cats. Using pictures I had taken on my DLSR. The one I made my boyfriends mum was of her family members, using pictures from a few different family members. These photos were taken on different cameras.  

I had the idea of personalised calendar for a few years now and I had never actually got round to making one, let alone 3 until, now. 

I knew that around Christmas time personalised gift sites, like Vista Print, have offers on. They did not let me down and I saw a television advert, which reminded me I wanted to make one of these. I just had to place the voucher code through the checkout when I made the purchase. 

Making the calendar was really easy. 

First you decide whether you want to use their photo library or use your own photos to make your calendar. Prices are listed below, these will change throughout the year so don't expect them to be this price.

Then you choose what boarder you require, I went with the plain one, but you can choose what you want. Below is a selection of boarders you can have.

You upload your pictures and choose where they come from.

Once you've chosen your pictures, you select which months you want to put them on. 

Once you have finished adding your images to your calendar you can preview your calendar at any time, as shown below. 

Once you have added all your pictures you can add everyone's birthdays and special dates on the calendar. You can add logos to those dates - see below. 

Once you have finished designing your calendar and making sure it is how you want it. You are given the option of two types of paper matt or glossy. I went with glossy for the extra £2.49. Although the front cover was matt. I didn't mind this. 

The finished delivered calendar, on the front you can add your own title.

My mum's calendar of her cat. 

One thing I will say is that if you are wanting to take pictures from Facebook to use in your calendar be warned that they may not have a great image quality. I found this when I was making my boyfriend's mums calendar and I didn't feel like the quality was as good as the images I had taken on my DSLR, but don't let this put you off. It was great fun to make and really enjoyable to hand over as gifts to my mum, brother and my boyfriend's mum. 

Have you used Vista Print and made a calendar? Will you be making one of these next year? 

Vista Print do not just offer personalised calendars, they offer a whole range of different things from personalised business cards to mouse mats. Go check out their website

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