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What I got for Christmas

I know some people don't like these posts, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these posts this week. Especially looking at the pictures too. I saw one post that featured a small photo studio with lights and I asked for that from my Dad on Christmas Day as I had not chosen my big gift just yet. I did want a camera lens but my boyfriend bought me one for my birthday and the other lens I wanted was 10mm closer and was essentially the same lens. 

So where do I begin? I love all my gifts and so grateful to have received them. So here they are in no particular order. 

Lots of lovely smellies that look really cool and shaped like cakes. 

The smellies above were wrapped in this box. 

Another lovely smelling box 

Containing bath salts, a bath puff and the below. 

My Dad found this delicious looking bath bomb in Tesco's. It really smells dreamy. He also bought me a lemon bath bomb from the same range after Christmas and that smells really amazing. 

My brother got me these really cute fox hand warmers that last for 30 minutes. I can't wait to try these in the snow as I hate having cold fingers. These are not gloves. You hold them in your hands. 

My brother also got me these nail polishes from Fearne Cotton's collection. I had looked through the Boots catalogue before Christmas and I had my eye on them. Each year he gets me Fearne's nail polishes and picks the best set. There were a few sets I saw and this set is my favourite out of them all. 

Then my mum got me some Lush stuff!!!  Yay. This penguin smells amazing. I don't want to drop him in the bath but he will be at some point, just haven't decided when yet. 

She also got me the melting snowman which has another really nice scent. I am curious as to what happens to the chocolate drops. Do they melt or do they stick to your skin?

My dad bought these for my mum, but I put them on as they are so warm and comfortable. The Lush in the background is what I bought in the he sales after Christmas. These will be a post of this delightful little haul coming mid January. 

Some blush!! My mum got me this. I put it on my beauty wish list. 

I had a Benefit make over in Boots during the summer and the make up artist put this on my face and I really liked it. I can't wait to try this. 

My Dad got me these two, they are a hoot. They are lip balms, which contain the most glitzy glitter 

This is the blue owls contents 

Then this is the gold owls contents 

Then my mum got me this wonderful recipe book from Rick Stein's India programme that I watched back to back on BBC2 this year. I love all programmes India. Can't wait to try making things from this book. I have already read the story in the book, which is really informative. 

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  1. Oh wow, you got some really lovely things! Those bath bombs look good enough to eat! :)
    Carrie xx


    1. Thank you lovely. I love my cake bath bomb, kind of don't want to use it because it looks so good. Xxx