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What to do when you are off work sick

Before Christmas I was sick on my way to work and didn't make it in. I visited the doctors and was given a sick note. I hate being off work and staying at home, it's the most boring thing ever and I feel more sick being at home. For the first few hours its great as I got to go back to sleep, but after that I watched hours and hours of day time television and to be honest I am bored out of my mind. I don't know how people without jobs can stay in doors all day. 

Anyway, to get on with this post - things to do on a sick day or on a day off.
  1. If you are a blogger - write a blog post or 2. I wrote 4. 
  2. Watch TV - for a bit, but not all day like I did.
  3. Organise your wardrobe - a lot of this seemed to be happening today, I saw a few tweets. 
  4. Do shop Christmas shopping online. 
  5. Take a bath. 
  6. Paint your nails 
  7. Wrap some Christmas presents
  8. Go outside for a walk

I had 4 days off and I was bored on the first day. I wanted to go back to work and found out that if I went back to the doctors and got a fit for work note I could go back in. I got this note and went back to work. Then had the weekend to recover. 

What do you do when you are off work sick? 

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