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A beautiful iPad case

When you have such a precious item as an iPad or an iPad Air you will want to protect it in the best way possible so a case like mine is the best option.

As you all know I love my iPad to the moon and back! It comes with me everywhere I go - on the train,  bus, aeroplane, ship, to work, shopping and the list is endless. You get that I take it everywhere with me. It is so portable and light I am not too sure what my life was like without it. I can access my blog, emails and Instagram all in one place. Investing in an iPad Air or iPad is well worth it and I encourage anyone who is thinking about getting one to go out there and get one!

As I take my iPad everywhere I go what's the best way to carry it? In style of course! I was recently contacted to review this lovely case by Penfield. First of all it is navy with white polka dots on it. I love anything that is polka dot so I jumped at the chance to review this product. The Penfield brand are known for their strength and durability so I knew this product was going to be perfect to house my iPad. I also knew that if my iPad ever came out of my bag for any reason it will be safe as it will be housed in this cool and durable case.

The case has a waterproof lining inside, which protects my iPad from any scratches and also has a strong zip to close it.

The case also comes with this funky little black diamond on the front of it. I can only assume this is where my headphones are supposed to live. If they aren't then they do now because this is the perfect place for them to be stored. I just checked the Penfield website and this is part of their brand to have a leather diamond patch. It is not a headphone home, but it's perfect to hold them.

You can also use the case as a stand to watch videos on the go if you position it correctly.

I am so pleased and in love with this new case, it even matches my sunglasses case.

What do you think of my new case?

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