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Body Shop purchases

To Christmas I picked up these items for my mum for the body shop. As a teenager I would go in The Body Shop every 2 weeks or so, but my visits were frequent. I loved the smell of the apple soap and all the little make up bags you could buy. I also liked the soap containers so you could take your soap on holiday with you. I guess they are not so popular now with all the shower gels you can buy and hand sanitisers. 

Anyway, what I bought for my mum for Christmas - 

Honeymania body butter - I have seen a lot of other bloggers talk about this range and I think it's quite a new range  that The Body Shop have brought out. It smells so lovely nice and sweet but not too sickly, one thing you don't want when you are applying body butter as you can smell it for the rest of the day. 

Wild Rose Hand Cream - I have heard lots about their hand cream too especially the hemp one, but I didn't particularly like the smell of that one. So I chose the rose one instead. It still has the same texture as the hemp one but smells nicer, well I think so. It quickly absorbs into your hands and doesn't leave them feeling greasy, that's one thing that I hate about hand creams. 

Vanilla Bliss Shower Gel - this smells sweet and like cakes, but not too over powering. 

Heart Shaped soaps - I cannot remember the exact names of these soaps, but they too, like the rest of the items I bought smell sweet and cake like. 

Have you tried any of these items? What did you think of them? 

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  1. i had the honeymania bath melt and its fantastic, so i always have the perfume! haha i also have the rose hand cream that i cannot wait to start using

    Em @

    1. oooh now I want to try that! I love the sound of it :) I will ask my mum what she thought of them