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Dining in the dark

This evening I was taken to montréal's O'Noir restaurant. This translated is black/dark. If you haven't guessed yet, I went to a restaurant that was in complete darkness. In London I think it's called dining in the dark

When you arrive you are asked to remove your coats and bags. Leaving them in the cloakroom, which is the bar area. Valuables and other important things are locked away in lockers. You don't have to pay for using them and the locks are free to use. 

Once you've removed all your items, you are then asked to look at the menu and choose whether you want 2 or 3 courses. We went with 2 courses as we weren't too sure on portion sizes. The menu was in French and English. Once you've placed your order your waiter comes to greet you, you're taken through the door below and then through a black curtain. How do you get to your table safely I hear you ask- you hold onto the waiters shoulders and the other person with you holds onto you. 

As you are escorted to your table the waiter shouts out to the restaurant and the other staff moving around that he has two people with him. To sit down the waiter explained where the table was, where your chair is and to call his name 'Michael' if you need anything. We sat down and our drinks were brought to us, Michael told us to place the drinks next to the wall so we knew where they were and he did too. Also minimising risk of us spilling the drinks. 

Our food came in no time whatsoever. We went with a main and a dessert. The restaurant was pitch black and all you could see was the static flashes from your napkin. It must be really scary to be blind because not seeing anything for 2 hours made me scared. I was quite nervous going into the restaurant because I did not know what to expect. As our food came and we ate I relaxed a bit more. 

I had orange and ginger chicken with cabbage and bacon. There was also turnips and some crispy stuff but I couldn't work out what that was. Kit had a lamb shank with cabbage and potatoes. My food was really easy to eat because there was nothing to cut up. Kit on the other hand had to figure out how to eat the lamb from the bone without missing anything. 

Before you go in you are told mobile phones are not allowed and must be turned off. Everyone in the restaurant followed this rule and ate in the dark. I think if I went in London people would break that rule and there would be phones glowing everywhere. 

I am not sure that I was able to taste more as my sight had been removed but the food was delicious and I was a little disappointed I didn't get to take any pictures. But that was the whole experience. 

Have you ever been to a dine in the dark restaurant? What did you think of it? 

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  1. I was going to go to this restaurant in Paris but my boyfriend and I were too afraid of what type of food they would give us! I didn't know you got to see a menu first! Fair play to you for taking the chance and giving it a shot! :)


    1. At this restaurant we were given the menus to choose from but they were already available on their website so we had already chosen. Also they had a surprise meal on every course would you wish to try it. Once you have had this dish the waiter asks you to guess what you just ate. If the next table has the same thing and you over hear the waiter telling you what it is, it's not really a surprise any more. You should go! It was great fun although a little scary.