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Facial cleansing pad

My boyfriend bought me this facial cleansing pad as a gift as he has noticed my pores are getting worse on my nose.  This product is supposed to clean your pores and prevent you from getting anymore black heads, gross I know.

So this is what the facial cleansing pad looks like close up from the front. It is covered in lots of little beads that work with your exfoliating facial wash. 

This is the back of the cleansing pad where you're supposed to hold it, but when your hands are wet and have the exfoliating cream on them holding onto this little back piece is not easy. You figure out a way to hold it, well I have, and exfoliate your face. 

I exfoliate my face every morning after a bath or shower and then again in the evening just before bed. 
I splash my face with warm water and run the facial cleansing pad under the tap. My face feels more refreshed when I exfoliate this way. 

I then chose my exfoliating product. This time it was Burt's Bees exfoliator - peach and willowbark. 

I only placed a small amount on the cleansing pad as it goes a long way. 

Once I have applied the exfoliator to the cleansing pad I apply it in a star shape on my face - one on my forehead, on my cheeks and on my chin. Well it's sort of a star shape. It's a shape at least. 

I then start making circular movements with my facial cleansing pad. Focusing mostly on my nose and the part between my eyebrows as they are my most troublesome areas. Once I have done this my face looks slightly red, but nothing to alarming - just like you've had an eye brow wax. I do this for about two to three minutes and then splash my face with warm water to remove the exfoliating scrub. I then dab my face with a flannel to dry my face. I then wait about 10 minutes and apply my moisturisers. 

I am really pleased with my new facial cleansing pad as my face feels smoother and looks fresher. I have been using this product for a week now. I would recommend this product and say that the beauty blogger in you needs this. This product is one of Canada's best selling beauty products. Despite all the packaging being in a foreign language. I think this product is instead of using an exfoliating mitt. 

Have you used a facial cleansing pad before or ever heard of one? 

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  1. Looks great I deffo need one of these my nose is horrible for blackheads! Lovely post! :) x

    1. Thanks Lovely :) Definitely worth the purchase