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Foxy hand warmers

For Christmas my brother bought me these cool foxy hand warmers from Boots. My brother thought they were heated gloves, but I discovered that they are heated pouches that you are supposed to insert into your gloves. 

They are made from a woolen material on the front and felt/fleece material on the back. They are so soft and lovely.

To activate the heat in these little pouches you have to click the silver coin and the pack then looks like it has turned to ice, but heats up. When this happens you pop the little heated pocket back into your fox and either hold the fox in your hand or slide it into your gloves, but make sure you have it in the fox or you may burn yourself. 

The heat from this little fox is supposed to last 30 to 40 minutes, but mine lasted a good hour. 

Once you have used the handwarmers, they are reusable. You just need to place the little pocked into a pan of boiling water and the chemicals inside will melt and are ready to use again. 

Have you tried any of these hand warmers before? what did you think? 

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