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Homemade honey at Fortnum and Mason

Before Christmas I found out that the large department store Fortnum and Mason produce, grow and sell their our honey from their roof. I wanted to get my mum dad and brother some of this honey, but it is only available in store for about 3 weeks In September. There were other honeys available to purchase but I wanted that one so instead of getting it I picked up these instead.  Watch the bees live on the bee cam here  you can also book the bee tour from April to august by emailing but check their website for 2014 dates as it is still displaying 2013. 

I got my mum some damson jam, my brother some strawberry jam and my dad some pickle. All three looked really good choices and I have them to them on Christmas Day as gifts. I'm not sure if they have tried them yet, but I'd be interested to find out if they are any better than the surf you buy in Tesco's. 

So back to the honey on the roof top. During the summer Fortnum and Mason hold about 6 tours with the chief bee keeper and show you the hives. There is also a bee cam that you can watch all year round and see what the bees are up too. 

Have you ever had any of the honey from Fortnum and Mason? that sells out like gold dust. 

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