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How to make hot chocolate

Making hot chocolate is great fun! 

You will need - 

1. Milk
2. Squirty cream
3. Marshmallows 
4. Hot chocolate powder 

If you don't like milk you can change the milk for hot water. It just won't taste as chocolately.

To begin get your designated cup and pour the milk into it. 
Heat the milk in the microwave or alternatively heat the milk in a pan on the hob. 
Once the milk is done, add 4 heaped tea spoons of the powder into the cup of milk. Make sure you use a tea spoon and not a table spoon as you will put way too much chocolate powder into your drink if you do. (I did this and was wondering why half the tub of mixture was going into my cup)
Stir the chocolate milk up.

Then sprinkle some marshmallows into the hot chocolate milk - these will melt and taste really gewy. 
Add the squirty cream on top and finish with more marshmallows. 

How do you make hot chocolate? Do you use any other ingredients that I don't? 

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