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Kleenex blotting sheets

My mum bought me these a few months ago and I only found them in my bedroom when I was at home at Christmas. I originally thought they were face pads that removes the grease from your face, but it says to dab away excess oil and keep your make up intact. 

I know I have seen these feature on other beauty bloggers blogs, although I have not seen a review of them. 

From what I understand is that you apply your make up and then use these pads to dab away any oiliness and keep your make up looking good. 

I have used grease paper before which gets rid of oily skin on your face without make up being applied, but I don't think these are the same. 

I applied a face full of make up and used one cloth to dab the access make up away, but I didn't plaster it on so I'm not sure if I just removed the make up I just applied. Not sure I am doing this right.

Have you ever used these pads? Am I using them correctly? 

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