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Lavender rose petals for the bath

Whilst at home over Christmas I was helping my mum clear out her cupboards and I stumbled across these lovely lavendar flower petals for the bath. 

How they work, you run a bath and then break the rose petals into the bath and they melt and smell delightful. These roses are like bath confetti, which is great fun. Well so I thought...

The only downside is that there are no bubbles with these rose petals, but you can mix them with bath bombs or bath fizzers, which is what I usually do. I added these. 

The rose petals were in this rose shape that you rip up.

Once I climbed into the bath, the bath petals had turned gloopy and stuck to my skin like no ones business. I had to moisturise the melted petals into my skin. I also wasn't too sure about their smell. 

I am not too sure how old these are so they may have gone past their used by date. Do bath products even have a used by date? 

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