In London

London tube strike

When the tube goes on strike in London the transport system, which usually runs like a well oiled clock, becomes really congested and people start to flap. Buses and trains get packed and people push and shove. It's exactly what I wanted on a Tuesday morning going to work. Thanks TFL

I do have one thing to say about over crowded trains and buses - people need to clean their teeth in the morning and swish some mouth wash around their mouth before they leave as standing so close to people who all have morning breath makes me want to hide in my coat until I get off and into clean air. 

Shaftsbury avenue was grid locked with traffic this evening and buses were packed with people. No one was going anywhere fast. 

Charing cross at 6pm on Wednesday is never usually as packed as this people see the board look at their train and go to it. Travel chaos. 

I was lucky enough to arrive at the station with very little waiting time for departure. 

I did see some horse riders out in Central London this morning and you never usually see them, a nice little change. 

Furthering this I saw Charing cross underground station was completely closed on Thursday 

Lots and lots of people took a Boris bike to get to work. What was your experience like, if you live in London? 

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  1. I don't live in London but I know someone that's suppose to be going on a trip next week and they have to walk 2 hours to get to their location (once in London) because the teachers won't let them get on transport any more. Feel so sorry for them! x

    1. Wow walking 2 hours is a long time. I don't fancy doing that. Silly teachers. Hope they got there ok.