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Lush Cinders bath bomb

During my little trip to Lush with blog Beth I picked up the cinders bath bomb. I had heard many things about this bath bomb from YouTube. Some people raved about it and said it was awesome other people weren't so fussed. 

I took it with me on holiday to Canada and used it in the bath there. I filled the bath and plopped it in and immediately the water turned a yellow colour like someone had peed in the water. So not a good start really. It was a little off putting. I thought the popping Candy was just on the top of this, but it turns out that it is throughout the bath bomb. 

As the bath bomb began to fizz away the yellow part immediately dissolved leaving a small fizzing piece that contained the popping candy that swirled around the bath. 

This bath bomb smells amazing - a sweet gentle smell that is not too powerful. The fragrance lingers a little on your skin. I would buy this again.

Have you tried this bath bomb what did you think of it?  

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