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Lush haul

For Christmas my mum kindly bought me some Lush products. I have been waiting to photograph these items before I used them. I posted them on a wish list a bit before Christmas and my mum saw this. 

First one she picked up was the 

Melting snowman - Bath melt. 

His nose either broke off in the store or I lost it on the way back from Wales to London.
I am really intrigued to find out what happens to the chocolate when you at this little guy to the bath as I imagine it will get messy, but I hope not. He smells delightful. I am not too good with describing smells. 

Next item she got me was the 

The Christmas Penguin - bubble Bar 

and the Magic Wand - Bubble Bar 

I am really excited to try all the items that my mum bought me. As with all Lush products I like to chop them up and use them again, but I think because I want to do a full review of these products I will use them all in one go. 

The items below were the items I bought my self from the Lush Sale with Blog Beth on the Friday after Christmas from the Chester Lush. 

I have not tried any of these products below, or above in fact. Beth encouraged me to buy all of this and I am glad she did because they all smell so wonderful. 

Cinders - Bath Ballistic - I love the vibrancy of this bath ballistic and I am really excited to see what happens to the popping candy when this is added to the bath. 

Shoot for the Stars - Bath Ballistic. Unfortunately I am not really loving the smell of this one, but I bought it because of images I had seen on Instagram. 

Luxury Lush Pud - bath ballistic. I bought this one because Blog Beth said it was her favourite and it makes amazing colours in the bath. 

Father Christmas - bath ballistic. I am intrigued to find out what is inside santa as a bit has chipped of the bottom and there is something green inside.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? 

Unfortunately these items, I think, are only available at Christmas time, however, I think I remember my mum saying that they have these at Christmas, but they are available all year round in items with similar scents. 

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  1. omg that penguin is so cute! Haven't shopped in Lush in forever, but I've seen so many hauls recently that it's giving me the itch to head back xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

    1. Go back after valentines day, I assume they will have a sale on all their valentines day items like they did at Christmas.

  2. Ahh this has made me miss Christmas, wish I'd tried more of this collection! I've got a shoot for the stars bath bomb still to use up though!

    I just did a LUSH haul on my new blog, I'd love you to check it out :)

    Hayley x