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Making oatmeal cookies

Whilst in Canada I attended a dinner party and my gift to the party was oatmeal cookies. The cookies were simple to make.

All you need is 

1. Cookie mix 
2. Measuring cups
3. An egg
4. Butter 
5. A dish or tray to cook them on 
6. A bowl
7. A spoon or fork
Firstly measure out your cookie mix into a bowl using measuring cups or scales. I love the measuring cups they have in Canada. It makes baking so much easier. Pour your ingredients into the cup and add to your mixing bowl. 

Then pour your mix into the bowl.

Add the egg and butter to the mix and mix together 

Once all the mixture has been thoroughly mixed in add the mixture to a tray or dish. When we made these cookies the first time we made balls so they would be round cookies, but because the butter melted the cookies made one large cookie. So the second time we made them we just added all the mixture into the tray and broke off the cookies as we ate them. 

Here are our cookies once baked. Don't look quite like they are on the packet but they do taste good. 

Do you make cookies or cakes at home? I love to bake from time to time. Makes eating it more rewarding. 

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