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Maybelline Baby Lips

My mum bought me this for Christmas and I have just got round to writing this post for you as I miss placed it in my make up bag. Found it now. 

This is the Maybelline Baby lips in pink punch. 

I opened this Baby lips up and applied it like a normal lip balm, not realising it is a tinted lip balm and a mirror is required when applying this. I got it all over my lips and face, ooops!

Every blogger under the sun seems to have got these baby lips and tested them out. Now that I have used this one I can see why. 

Pink Punch smells amazing and when applying it is smooth and tastes amazing. It looks very vibrant on your lips, but with a quite a gloss and shimmer to it. 

This is definitely my favourite lip balm at the moment. Have you tried any of the other lip balms in this range? What is your favourite? 

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