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Montrèal Haul

As I bought way too much in Bath and Body Works I thought that should be a separate post and then I should write a post on all the other items I bought from Montrèal. 

I bought

a cool lipstick/lip balm holder from Dollarama for $2 

A scarf and earrings from Aldo accesories for $20

Hair clips from Adrene $4

My favourite jumper from Old Navy for $11 

Note pads from H & M for $1.15 

Note pad from Dollarama for $1.15 

Heart bath ballistic from Lush for $12 

A plug to charge my iPhone and iPad as we only have one British adaptor with us. It only cost $4 so it's hardly broken the bank. 

I am really pleased with my haul from Montrèal. I love the shopping malls as it keeps you out of the snow and in the warm. Although you do spend a fair bit of money in there as that's what you are there for. I also saw a Sephora whilst I was there and took a sneaky peak inside, but didn't buy anything. I was curious to see what was in there and to me it's just like Boots with different brands of make up for sale. 

None of these items I have bought are particularly heavy, but I think my Bath and Body Works items will be the heaviest. 

What do you do when you go on holiday? Do you go with a half empty case and fill it up with the items you buy? I am slightly disappointed with my suitcase as it weighs about 5kgs without anything in it. On my way here one of the wheels fell off my bag so I will be buying a new suitcase soon and weighing each one before I purchase it to find the lightest. I know Primark and Argos have some so I will be stopping there to check their cases out. 

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  1. I actually go with a full suitcase inside an empty one so I can fill the empty one up with new buys hehe. That's a bit of a confession of a shopaholic there haha ;) You got some beautiful items!!
    I go to the US later in the year and I already have a pretty lengthy wishlist! :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. I have never done that with the suitcases. Maybe I will do it for my trip when I go out there in the summer. I can't wait to see it again. Xxx