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New Sunglasses!!!!

Last autumn or maybe the beginning of winter I scratched my favourite sunglasses of all time and I'm devastated. They were £7.99 from H & M. At first I wasn't so sure because they have this fake leather snake looking pattern as a design around the outside, but over that summer I purchased them the snake pattern grew on me and slowly they became my favourite ever sunglasses. 

Since scratching them I have been to my favourite high street stores in search of a replacement pair. I have had some strange looks asking for sunglasses in December and then in January. I like to wear sunglasses all year round. If the weather is bright enough I will pop a pair on. I work in a machine room and there is no natural light. 

Whilst returning some lovely trousers, to Primark, because they unfortunately did not fit I found a pair of sunglasses. At this point I stopped searching for an exact replacement pair because I couldn't find any. I know that when I buy something I will then find the thing that I have been looking for, so I see it as a way of getting my favourite sunglasses back. 

I found these I love big glasses mainly because I think they look good on me. They came from Primark and they cost me £3. I like the style of them, but they aren't my favourite. They may grow on me like the last pair.

I am not so sure about the gold detail as it's pretty big.

But I do love the tortoiseshell pattern on the arms and rim. 

These sunglasses are so big they wouldn't fit into any of my normal sunglasses cases, I found this gold one from Dorothy Perkins and they fit snugly in there.

Let's see how I get on with these. This is what they look like on. You can see why I had them as the sun was shining on the plane. 

What type of sunglasses do you like?

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