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I like the rest of the blogging world love stationary. When in school you would go to the stationary stores, like Stationary Box or Paperchase, to pick up your scented gel pens and a new pencil case every September. You would get to school and borrow each other's pens and pencils. But Stationary Box shut down. There is still Rymans but that's a tad expensive. 

On my recent trip to Canada I picked up 3 new note books. The first two I got from H & M for $1.15 not too bad when it works out to be about 60p each. 

These notebooks have plain coloured paper inside. The heart one is pink and the white one with the shapes is yellow. I bought the one with the shapes for my boyfriend for his French classes and the grey one with the pink hearts for myself. I haven't decided what I will put in mine, but for now I think I will use it as a blogging idea book. 

The next notebook I got was this little cat one that has 48 lined pages and an elastic on the side, not sure why but I love notebooks with the elastic on them, I guess it's because it keeps all your papers secure inside them if you have any loose sheets. I picked this one up from Dollarama for $1.15 

The texture of the note paper is thick and not flimsy like some notebooks I have bought from the UK. 

Do only like stationary? What kind of stationary do you like? I am also fond of Muji's note books as my fountain pen writes really easily on the paper.

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