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Signing up to Rafflecopter

On January 31st I launching a 1st Blog Birthday give away on my blog. I have seen other bloggers hold give-aways and it seems that the fairest way of picking a winner is letting raffle copter do the choosing. 

All I had to do to get my own raffle copter give away created was sign up via their website. They asked really simple questions which took less than a minute to answer, always good in my book if that happens. I then had to make my own questions up so you lovely readers can enter. 

I do find it frustrating when you are filling out a raffle copter for someone elses prize they seem to go on and on asking questions. That really annoys me so I have decided only to ask a few questions in my give away. 

The prize that will be up for grabs is 

Have you entered yet? Go to my blog post for the 31st January to enter this giveaway. It is open till 28th February. 

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  1. Hi my dear,

    I think some people put those questions on there to put off the career competition entering people. You know, those that do nothing but enter competitions - and they want someone who actually reads their blog to enter, not someone who will unfollow as soon as the competition is over.

    Just a thought mind.



    1. Yes I want the people who read my blog not some crazy competitor who has nothing else better to do with their time. Thanks lovely. xxx