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What to pack in Hang luggage for a long haul flight

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've been in Montreal during most of February and it is the first time I have been on a long haul flight with hold luggage in a long time. I usually go on holiday with hand luggage because I am too cheap to pay for hold luggage. This time my airline, Air Canada, provide me with 1 free piece of hold luggage, so I took them up on their offer of 23Kgs.

 Some of the items I packed for the long flight. 

I packed my hand luggage bearing in mind that I was going on a7 hour flight. I knew I woukd have a TV screen in front of me to keep me occupied, but I also want to keep certain things in my hand luggage as I am separated from my hold luggage once I checked it in.

The bag I used for my hand luggage was my North Face rucksack my Dad gave me. 

What I packed in my hand luggage -

  1. iPad because I wanted to be able to use the blogger app and write lots and lots of posts whilst I am waiting in the airport or sitting on the plane.
  2. My camera - Canon 550d. I love my camera and want to take lots and lots of pictures to document my journey whilst I am out there. 
  3. Camera lens - my boyfriend bought me a prime lens for my birthday and love it. So this will definitely came with me. Also Camera lens pen - I hate having a dirty lens. There is nothing more worse than seeing a large finer print on your lens. I have lens filters on my lenses to stop getting dust on them and also to stop them getting scratched. 
  4. A snack because I know I will get hungry. But having said this the flight attendants kept me well fed throughout the journey. 
  5. My charging box that allows me to charge my iPad and iPhone, if I so happen to run out of juice. My dad bought me this from America when he last visited. 
  6. My hard drive so I can store all my thousands of pictures I will take over my holiday. 
  7. My Passport - this should have been number 1, but I thought my iPad was more important - even though that won't get me out of the country. 
  8. A tooth brush to clean your teeth having been on the plane for such a long time, toothpaste with this brush could be a handy addtion. 
  9. A neck pillow and eye mask. 
  10. Lip balm there is nothing worse than being on a flight with dry lips. I need to have a lip balm in a bag or a pocket at all times because I hate having dry lips. Plane air will dry your lips out so you have to look after them.
  11. My iPad card reader adaptor. This little gadget is by far the best iPad gadget I own as I can just hook up my card reader and then copy my photos over to my iPad and look at them on a large screen.  
So having packed all this stuff for my flight out there I got on the plane and fell straight asleep having woken up at 6am to make it to the airport on time. I woke up only for food and fell straight back to sleep after this. I didn't watch anything on my screen other than looking at the map when I got close to Canada.  

What do you take on a long haul flight? Do you sleep or stay awake? 

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