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A surprise for Gemma Louise

As I have mentioned in several posts and Instagram pictures I loved my Blogger Secret Santa from Gemma Louise. She put so much thought into my gift - I did not open my gift till Christmas Day. I know a lot of other bloggers ripped theirs open as soon as it arrived. I was tempted to do this believe me. My parcel arrived and I posted a picture on Instagram and my Secret Santa revealed themselves. I was so pleased she did and I was super pleased that it was Gemma Louise. 

So as a thank you for sending me such a great box I wanted to send her one back not only because I enjoyed mine so much but because she didn't receive one herself having signed up to get one.

All the items in more detail because it's much more fun that way. I saw on her blog, whilst I was in Canada, a wish list and Bioderma was on it - que me going to every pharmacy in Montreal looking for the small bottle of Bioderma.

 I wanted to get her the 250ml bottles which were on offer for £14.50 but that would mean I would only be sending her that. I wanted a bit more variety. 

The next item I inked up was he EOS lip balm another blogger favourite. I wanted to make this box was none English as possible as I thought she would appreciate it more as we have talked about American box swaps and this is just as good may even be better. 

I picked up this lovely set from Bath and Body Works which contains two hand sanitizers and two minature candles. I bought one of these for myself as they were about $8 down from $16.50 

I then picked up this hand sanitizer holder to go with the set above so she could attach it to her bag or jeans. 

I then bought her a notebook similar to the cat one I had bought from Dollarama. I love the cups of tea and cake on the front of this as I dream of going for afternoon tea in the summer. I bought this so she could store all of her blogging ideas inside or maybe something else. 

I bought her all this from Canada for $20 which is about £10, which left me a little bit of wriggle room to get something from the UK back in January I posted this picture on my Instagram of lots of lovely shabby chic hearts in Primark. I picked up a wooden one for Gemma Louise then and this is what started the seed of making her a thank you box. 

The wooden heart I picked up for her. 

I also picked up a face mask too as I love a good face mask. It's so satisfying peeling off the mask once it has set on your face. 

I hope she likes her box. I will only post this once she has her box. 

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