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Bath and Body Works Haul

Finally found it! The Bath and Body Works store is not in central Montrèal it is located in a small mall in St Hubert - the next island to Montrèal. It took about 20 minutes to get there by bus. It was just 1 bus there, but we had to take 2 buses back because the route changed after a certain time. 

On the Bath and Body Works website it says a store will be opening in the main mall in Montrèal soon so hopefully when I visit again it will be open! I cannot wait! 

We spent just over $100 and left the store with 3 bags, let's see what we picked up. 

One thing I would like to say is the reason why I haven't posted this up as soon as I bought the items, due to me purchasing a few gifts for Gemma Louise, who bought my lovely Secret Santa box, back in November. The box she sent me was so personal and well thought out. It made me smile so much. My parents were really impressed with it as well. The reason why I am sending her a box is due to her not receiving her Secret Santa gift in the post and her sending me mine. If you didn't see what she sent me at Christmas you can check my post out here.

I wanted to bring all the items back to the UK, wrap hers up and send it to her. Making sure she received the gift first before this post went up as I didn't want to spoil the surprise. 

There was an offer on in store that was just too good to miss out on it was buy 3 items and receive 3 more items for free from the body care range. The way the offer works was you pay for the most expensive 3 items and the cheaper 3 are free. This then lead me spending 2 hours wandering up and down the store sniffing everything they had on offer. My boyfriend wandered around the shop with me for a bit, but then got bored of doing this and went to buy himself a cup of tea - from David's tea - and sat outside the store whilst I continued to shop. This is everything that we picked up. Items in more detail below. 

The first area I was in search for was the hand sanitizers. They smell amazing. I wasn't expecting to see so many to choose from. There was plenty. They had different ranges and scents. 

I picked up these 6 as it was 3 for $5. Strawberry Cheesecake, Melon, Peach, Wildberry, Floral and Cherry. All smell wonderful and amazing. 

There were tubs and tubs of them. Also lots and lots of different holders to choose from as well, but I didn't buy any of them as I already have two cool ones my Dad got me. 

There was also large hand soaps to choose from as well as candles and room scents. 

This little cake holder is actually a candle holder for the mini candles. I was thinking about buying it but didn't I may get it the next time I visit but for now I didn't need it. They are pretty though. I noticed that on my candles and hand sanitizer box - they are in a cake dome. 

What we got with the buy 3 items and get 3 items free offer. 
Shimmery body spray - I cannot wait to wear this in the summer as it will look amazing on my skin and I will smell nice too. 
I then picked up 2 shower gels in Rose and Pear. Again these smell amazing and even though they are shower gels they work well as a bubble bath too making lots of bubbles. Keeping your skin smelling beautiful. 
My boyfriend picked up the white citrus that smells so fresh and clean. I've even worn it out. 
Lastly is the True Blue Shea Butter hand cream that smells Devine. I cannot wait to use this back in the UK as I get really chapped and sore hands this time of year. 

I then stumbled across another offer I couldn't say no to - $7 candles. Not sure if there was an offer of buy one get one half price or something, but I do remember seeing a sign saying $7. So in my basket they went. I spent ages smelling all the candles in the store as there were plenty to choose from. However, these were my favourite 2 peach and lemon mint leaf. The peach smells like a sweet peach and the lemon mint leaf smells like a  mojito. Some of the scents I wasn't keen on and was quite disappointed with them really. I was also disappointed that they only had the large candles for sale in this store as I was hoping to pick up quite a few minature ones. 

The last 3 things I picked up were 2 gift sets which contained 2 mini candles and 2 hand santizers and they smell sooo good! Like cakes. I also picked up some foaming soap in Plum Berry Sorbet. This doesn't smell that pungent but it makes my hands feel really soft. 

Have you bought anything recently from Bath and Body Works? Bath and Body Works is my favourite store to shop in for soaps and candles, what's your favourite shop or shops? 

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  1. Lovely haul! Next time I visit London I just have to visit this store! x

    1. Unfortunately this store is not in London. I bought all this in Canada when I went to visit. Xxxx