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Gadget wish list

It is not often I do a gadget wish list, infact I have never done one but I do them every month or so in my head. 

Canon - I love the idea of vlogging and have tried doing a little bit on my iPhone but I have massive camera shake. 

A go pro - I love watching YouTube especially Fun for Louis channel. I love how he documents his adventures using a mixture of a Go Pro and a compact Canon camera. However, they aren't loved in the world of post production where they take hours to transcode. They are also not cheap either. 

A long arm camera tripod for either of the cameras above. 

A keyboard for my iPad although I have no problem with the keyboard on my iPad I just like the idea of it although it would be extra bulk and weight to carry, so maybe not a good idea.

A stand to hold my iPad up, i saw this stand on a tech review by another blogger and it looks pretty cool. The iPad case I have at the moment is difficult to hold in bed and I always end up wacking myself on the nose when it falls down. 

What's on your gadget wish list? 

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  1. Hi babe your blog is so cute I've nominated you for the liebster award
    check it out xx

  2. Just read the above comment but I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award, have a look at my blog for details :)