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Lush Large Valentines Heart Bath Balistic

I purchased the Lush valentines heart in Montrèal. It cost $12, I am not sure if I spent more or less than I would have had I have bought this product in the UK, but I knew that by the time I got back to the UK I would have missed out on it. 

I heard on a YouTube video that this large heart had three hearts inside it. However, I did not watch a YouTube video showing how to extract the hearts and just dropped the heart in one piece into the bath. Little did I know this is not how it should be done. I watched a video on how to use it after I had used it. I was under the impression that you dropped the heart into the water and the three hearts would separate themselves. They did not and they all disolved in one go. 

A little video of what happened when I dropped it in the water 

What it should have done was cracked the heart open like an Easter egg to reveal the heart inside. I heard that there was three hearts inside, but when I watched a few YouTube videos on how to use this heart properly there only seemed to be two hearts revealed. The large pink one and a white one with paper hearts inside. I still got to experience the paper hearts and the fizzing yellow heart, but all in one go rather than multiple uses. 

Did you buy this heart? What did you think of it? 

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