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Olay body wash with moisturiser

Whilst in the phramacy Jean Coutu, in Montreal, we saw this moisturising body wash and thought we would give it ago as it was on special from $6 to $3. 

The mayonnaise tubs and the moisturising body wash lids have the same dispensers. A line about 2mm wide and 1cm long. It eases spreading, in the case of the mayonnaise and pouring in the case of the body wash. 

I have never used a moisturising body wash before and would highly recommend trying one out if they sell them in the UK as they leave your skin feeling refreshed, soft and moisturised. I bought this at the start of my holiday and continued to use it until I left to come home. So I can give an honest review of the product. When I bought the product I was a little skeptical of the quality and whether it would work because it was on special. Special in Canada is on offer in the UK. 

It has a slight scent of cucumber and advacardo but not too pungent. I quite like the beauty products in Canada as they don't seem to be too powerful or sickly. So thumbs up to Canada for this. 

Have you tried any of Olay's moisturising body wash? Do they sell it in the UK?

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