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One wheel missing - suitcase wish list

During my flight to Montreal my suitcase lost a wheel somewhere between London and Canada. When I arrived in Montreal I looked like a hobo with my 3 wheeled suitcase and hair everywhere from having slept on the flight. 

When I left London my suitcase looked like this, with four wheels and was easy to push. 

When I got off in Montreal there was tones and tones of snow so dragging my suitcase in the snow was not an easy task. When I left Canada there had been no snow fall for four days and rain fell on one of them so the temperature had risen and the snow began to melt, making it easier to pull my 3 wheeled suitcase long the sidewalk. 

Now that I am back in the UK I want to buy a new suitcase. I am no longer bothered by it having 2 or 4 wheels, in my opinion having four wheels on a suitcase was a bit of an incovience rather than a convience. You would constantly have to hold the case to stop it wheeling from one side of the tube to the other and pushing it on for wheels on an uneven surface was difficult. Really easy when you got to the airport with smooth floors. 

So que my suitcase wish list. I am now looking for a light weight suitcase which will not eat into my baggage allowance. 

I found this case for £50 in Matalan with Measurements: Large: 82.5 x 52.5 x 33cm + 5cm Semi Exp 2.31kg 146L.

Then another one from Matalan in Red for £50 from the World's Lightest Range with measurements of Large: 84.5cm x 52cm x 29.5cm Weight 2.18kg

Then from Argos - I love the colour of this one - I will definetly be able to identify it on the luggage bar. For £44.99 with Suitcase specifications: Size H80, W49, D27cm. Weight 2.2kg. 

Another one from Argos for £37.99 with suitcase specifications of Size H80, W47, D27cm. Weight 2.2kg.

From Asda for £37.99 with suitcase specifications 79 x 48.5 x 27.5cm and 2.24kg

I also want to go to Primark and check out their light weight luggage as I really want to get a bag that is light weight now the luggage restrictions are in place. 

Do you have any places or cases to recommend? 

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